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tv   Headline News  RT  July 31, 2014 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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a deadly attack on a busy marketplace in gaza during a short cease fire kills fifty the ongoing destruction has actually now led to some i.d.f. soldiers to lay down their weapons. tens of thousands fleeing the fighting in eastern ukraine at least a third of the children and cities all over russia are prepared to take in the refugees here on international we listen to some of the. launches an inquiry into the death of former russian f.s.b. officer. eight years after he was poisoned in london. and there
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were four suggests edward snowden's revelations have led to billions of dollars in lost revenue for tech giants in the meantime saying there's nothing left at home for him other than persecution. the world headlines live from moscow it's the international for me rule re sushi and the whole crew welcome to the program. at least fifteen palestinians including a journalist and two power medics were killed when israeli airstrikes hit a busy marketplace in gaza and the shopping area was very busy because israel's four hour humanitarian cease fire was supposed to have been in effect a warning you're going to find some of the following pictures upsetting. i'm going to give you
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a little bit of it. when it was. you know if. i didn't. think it was. i was. on israel's four week bombardment has now claimed more than thirteen hundred palestinian lives the majority were civilians israel itself has lost fifty eight people including fifty six i.d.f. troops with hamas though violating ceasefires with foreign rockets and using tunnels to infiltrate israeli land also one time man also lost his life. the u.s. has condemned wednesday's attack on a un run school in gaza which killed twenty people but washington statement
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neglected to actually make any mention of israel journalists at the state department briefing pushed for an answer over who was being held responsible for the attack. so that you can showing. who's showing are we talking about what we understand under has put out a statement of views that we would underscore the importance of a full and prompt investigation to determine the facts so you are not ready to condemn israel per se for the showing of the school correct we haven't said that there needs to be a four investigation to see what happened here specifically are you asking the israelis to not make any un facilities a target because there are civilians that are seeking shelter there i'm not going to make a blanket statement at least what i'm going sometimes it's ok i'm not saying that i'm just not going to make a blanket statement about what our private conversations with the israelis look like even if there are rockets inside and i'm not saying they should be used against israel and i'm not saying that should they should be gotten rid of i mean they should but even if they're her rockets inside does that justify the killing of
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innocent billions civilians who have seeking shelter or obviously nothing justifies the killing of innocent civilians who can show that he can shatter the damage for destroying rocket in a un facility we believe the un here tragedy should be respected and recognised by everyone we understand it's complicated to understand. look there's a lot a lot of different pieces happening on the ground and quite frankly a lot of facts we don't know yet. and here at r.t. international we spoke with political analyst william doris he says the u.s. is calling for an end to hostilities at the very same time it dispatches more weapons to israel. washington knows full well what's going on and washington is paying for it if the u.s. government wants to stop the killing in gaza all of her should do is start spent thirteen weapons and start sending money to pay for the pentagon announced that it was resupplying israel with artillery shells to use against the people who were the
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u.s. may sixteenth flown by u.s. trained pilots or reining u.s. made. down on civilians who are trapped in a cage with nowhere to go and all the worries where a huge about investigation and we want the violence to stop are meaningless and now israel is calling up sixteen thousand additional reserve troops as its assault goes on with there are now fifty one i.d.f. soldiers who are actually making a stand and refusing to take part in any more destruction paula silly when they hear their stories. in the future i hope. i can aspire to be reasonable palestinian and after israel no longer exists a yellow rosenberg is one of a kind the thirty three year old israeli programmer cuts a solitary figure on the margins of israeli society formerly a soldier in israel's defense forces he now hits
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a campaign for those who want to resist the draft on political grounds but he knows his views have made him an outcast. i'm not a true israeli i'm like some israeli or i'm a bad israeli in the eyes of the regime. israel is not a place for dissenters a recent poll in israel found that nearly nine out of ten is rabies not only supported the army's operation in gaza but wanted extended those who criticize it are made hit on and called naive and traitors during a recent antiwar demonstration in the center of tel aviv left wing protesters were attacked by right wing extremists chanting death to arabs the able to text soon turned physically fine and when protesters were beaten up on their way home but there remains a small vocal minority who are not afraid to speak out whatever the cost the government a former i.d.f. soldier in occupied territories is one of them i think very hard to talk about it
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because. it's very very thorough. and that's why it took me think about two years after. when i decided that i want to be quiet anymore about what is happening over there after the dove now works for breaking the silence and israeli human rights organization which collects testimonies from former soldiers and tells these stories to the world to talk about settlers violence we're talking about violence from saudi towards boasting we're talking about dozens of checkpoints in a very very small area only a few abra even after speaking out against an institution that beats at the heart of israeli society we have to remember that the soldiers that testify are just examples of what any other soldiers are doing not because the soldiers are bad people it just shows the israeli public the reality of what is going on there but most of the israeli public of reluctant to hear a different point of view and are defending the country's bloody war in gaza policy
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r.t. tell of of. and discontent with israel's offensive in gaza has certainly gone global here the latest pictures from germany are hundreds took to the streets angry with the continuing attacks on palestinian civilians they were waving flags holding banners and chanting slogans condemning the operation known as protective edge my colleagues neil harvey and i've across the earlier discussed just how widespread the anger so. i think it's fair to say that social media is changing the way narrative around gaza is playing out and the case of farrah baker a sixteen year old girl from gaza is certainly a good case in point she's a native of gaza her father's a neurosurgeon in the in one of the hospitals there and she began live tweeting from her house pictures and vines of an israeli bombardment flares in the sky rockets in the sky this kind of thing now her tweets were basically picked up by
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media over the weekend and her following absolutely ask a really really extraordinary way she had about three to four hundred followers then suddenly she went to eighty thousand followers creases in it so i mean in the future looks bright obviously date they think this is a legitimate source of finding out what's really happening in the conflict for young girls got no reason to make any of this up and inside story so is it almost that upwards from here then i think probably she's going to find that her numbers will plateau but frankly i don't think she really cares i think she's more interested in the realities of everyday life that are around her right now she's tweeting about the absolutely horrendous realities that people are experiencing in gaza the sister of our youngest and blogger is based in london running a day treats as well while she she does tweet in fact which is also a blogger on the electronic intifada website which is not necessarily something i think that the other media might have been happy to tell the rest of the world about but she has conducted a marvelous interview with her own father that was published about three weeks ago and it is well worth a read it describes the ins and outs and the intricacies of the kind of work that
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he's going through to try and save lives and he and his colleagues in in the. gaza hospital but i think the major point here in the most interesting point is that social media is certainly changing the way the gaza narrative is operating it's certainly changing the way people are starting to perceive the conflict in the middle east if we take a quick look at the israel under fire for example which was issued by the i.d.f. when they began their operation into gaza you can just get an idea of how intensely that's being tweeted now let's have a look at gaza under attack and let's see the global impact that this is having. as you can see the gods are under attack. is certainly operating at a much much more intense of a much stronger level than the i.d.f. would like to admit it's all part of the social media war that's been conducted around the gaza lines. very interesting story and it just comes from the ground is nothing that's why people find it so interesting there's not a political involvement in a sense it's the people really in the heart of the matter is i like to think of it that maybe social media is changing the game somewhat. closely following all
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developments in the israeli gaza conflict you can head over to r.t. dot com for live updates photos videos all the very latest straight out of the combat zone. but about ten minutes past the hour here in moscow with a civilian death count well over a thousand throngs of locals of fleeing the fighting in eastern ukraine at least a third of the refugees are children international monitors that have witnessed the evacuation say it's far from safe even for the cars that are clearly marked. we did notice the plausibilities we noticed for example always in their cars and they had their word in russian do their job or to come to their windows to get their truck in their cars so there's definitely a sense of the city that was like the the explosions that we heard when we decided to turn for. my daughter's room and cause a wreck met some of those who have managed to cross over to russia obviously hoping
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to get a fresh start away from the violence. with the key i was twelve years old when the second world war began and the grandmother remembers that time that italy but you probably never imagined that seventy three years later she would once again be hiding from airstrikes in her own backyard and being they have been bombing us and they are still doing it now the jets fly very low you can hear them firing in the morning and in the evening this scam has been operating since mid june displaced people find shelter here for a few days and then move on to places more suitable for longer term living the latest arrivals came from the shell shocked town of slogans here in the. news quote i couldn't sleep during my first night here before i left i said goodbye to my sister reggae for the paperwork says she could have my flat yelena says she has lost everything is the result of kiev's military action her only hope for
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a fresh start now is in the siberian city of novosibirsk where she has relatives but doesn't use the money that would now to foot something like this could happen i was getting a pension and was still working on years now the lost my job my house and my pension but you at least a third of the refugees are children and russian humanitarian authorities try to provide what they can to make their its i'm here as comfortable as possible but no matter the effort such conditions are certainly not normal for these youngsters this frequency can. that can hold up to five hundred people is just a kilometer away from the border which frequently comes on their artillery fire from ukraine the people i've talked to here now want nothing to do with their former country. the last straw was constant shelling and gunfire that forced them to practically live in basements or bomb shelters for others this site so friends and relatives killed by multiple rocket strikes. called for an artsy russian
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ukrainian border. and international experts say they still haven't reached the malaysian airline a crash site in eastern ukraine they say no one ordered them to tun back but they decided not to travel to be area because of the ongoing military operation nearby. finally the decision today. as it was for what it is it is a remote target by any. of the decisions that he has the cure disease with. the sufficient enough force to proceed. and an interesting development with this story a group of former u.s. intelligence officials say washington has failed to back up its allegations against russia over the malaysian boeing tragedy and they went as far as to write an open letter to president obama insisting the secretary of state's claims about the plane crash seem premature and are an attempt to quote poison the jury and we heard from
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max cia and state department employee larry johnson he was actually among those who signed this letter. our point is very simple if there is actual evidence martial it show what if it's indisputable but as we've seen repeatedly from the u.s. intelligence community where there was in the law is used to justify the invasion of iraq in two thousand and three up through the information that was leaked last year with respect to syria more often than not there are laws being produced that have a bigger intention to mislead the american public to justify actions against russia that we do not believe are justified and for the mainstream us media of ukrainian crisis it's a pretty clear picture in their eyes all the complexities involved boil down to one person the russian president. guy nature kind reporting on the apparent obsession with vladimir putin.
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president obama said he does not believe this growing tension with russia could be the beginning nobody new cold war no. no new cold war one could only wish during this thought the same or at least those who are making covers of magazines because some of them hark back to the cold war as if they were made back in the day no matter how complicated an issue you can be almost certain that the media are going to boil it down to personalities well with ukraine it's one personality the russian president what does he do when he's working all for an outdoor adventure and why don't we see him smiling very much he's not really driven by by women or by we're distracted by alcohol he's very tough he's a very arrogant. person to deal with. and what kind of diplomacy can you expect moving forward when diplomats use this kind of language this is the you came back to the united states speaking to me three adjectives
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you'd use to describe a lot of your proof. i'm not a poet but. i think. it's honest afraid comes to mind because we've had all these lies. but i think it's a reckless to makes one wonder if they really want to solve the problem or if they're good with the current state of affairs the media focus on the russian president has had its effect on twitter where users came up with the hash tag bling putin and know many use it to comment on pretty much anything. it didn't rain in my country today i blame pointing for it or a mosquito just bit me blamed putin. reports about a mysterious craters in siberia blame points in and then to the report that former georgian president saakashvili doesn't want to go back to his country to stand trial and says he blames what's in this use it goes if you are in trouble just
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playing. in washington i'm going to check on our team and i roll researcher live from moscow thanks for joining us on our international the rest of your world's top headlines after the break. i think that's the master plan is to remove public governorship or stock market participation from the unwashed masses who have the temerity to go out there and buy a share in some publicly listed company hoping that they too can emulate warm buffet all that's going to be wiped out by the koch brothers and the buffets of the world the private equity scam artists are going to take it all private and this is what these it's going to become be told when oligarchs you know america's a clip talk oligarchies. dramas that can be ignored. stories others who refuse
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to go to. places change the world right. to keep your focus days. from rooms to to. drop. thanks for joining us today on r.t. international on a boy carries his soon for now though britain opens an inquiry today into the death of former russian intelligence officer alexander litvinenko it comes eight years after he was poisoned in the u.k. by radioactive polonium picking up the story for us. sick and lying on his deathbed this is how the world got to know alexander litvinenko a former f.s.b.
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officer who fled russia and made london his new home it was his accusations against the russian government which propelled his not serai stories of senior officials in moscow supposedly ordering assassinations and carrying out terrorist attacks and the world ate it up because because under litvinenko was presented as a famous this of and of somebody who was upsetting the kremlin who was revealing some sort of secrets that were upsetting president putin himself this was not the case at all it's been nearly eight years since alexander litvinenko death yet his family are nowhere near the truth and very pleased to receive this decision in the public inquiry and i know it's in there as a long time to wait and it's not as it munce is in many nic here but finally if it were to see if this but why has it been such a long road to this truth let's take
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a look at what's been achieved so far british prosecutors accuse litvinenko was former colleagues of murder and him durance he both deny and involvements russia refuses to extradite any of its own citizens because the constitution doesn't allow it's the british inquest is delayed as the coroner of the sides of public inquiry will be better ministers rule out that option the high court supports the idea of an inquiry so a public inquiry is announced the main twist to this case came after revelations litvinenko was allegedly working for m i six as well us with a spanish security services and this is precisely the kind of data which will now be scrutinized as a public inquiry does allow secret sensitive government material to be examined i do this not it against. what you know and i do this for just if i do this for two years i would like to show people you able to get justice in any
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difficult to creationism. a truth which could turn out to be uncomfortable to swallow for some marina costs artsy and we spoke exclusively to alexander litvinenko is brother he thinks that timing of the start of inquiry is very suspicious. this case became a big p.r. campaign against the russian government and the country's president in particular the west is pressuring russia very hard now the mh seventeen crash crimea the war in ukraine sanctions against moscow and now this inquiry i'm not buying that this is a coincidence. and we will bring you all the very latest updates on the inquiry for you on air and online where there are many stories waiting for you this hour at r.t. dot com this one could be a big one could even become the plague of the twenty first century a hospital in the hamburg has agreed to accept infected patients leaving germany's neighbors to worry about being curable virus spreading across europe. and one
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hundred twenty three million dollars the compensation a texas woman wants from facebook you could discover online just what she says the social network has done. but for now in the program a new report suggests that edward snowden's revelations could have cost us tech giants like amazon or dropbox tens of billions of dollars of the companies have seen their sales plunge after every significant disclosure the whistleblower just recently gave an interview to britain's guardian newspaper in fact snowden denied that he was now working for the russian government he said if the u.s. government had any evidence to prove that it would have been splashed all over the american media snowden was also pessimistic about the prospects of ever receiving a fair trial he said in fact he would rather stay in russia or they return home and face unlawful prosecution and antiwar activist in journalist norman solomon also
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believes the u.s. government wants only to throw snowden behind bars for as long as possible. it's really not possible for edward snowden to get a fair trial in the united states the structure of the vehicle system and the politics in the usa involve a way in which the u.s. government is the judge the jury and the sentencer there is enormous eagerness of the top official the so-called intelligence community of the united states to silence the voice of edward snowden they would like to do to snowden what they did to chelsea manning get him back in the united states put him in solitary confinement prevent any meaningful contact with the news media or the public and then put him away in prison taught to international law from moscow
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thank you for joining us today next august on a boycott and we'll supposed. sometimes i am baffled by the closed little world that a lot of people in the mainstream media must live in they seem shocked and appalled at the fact that around forty percent of the weapons supplied afghanistan have gone missing let's ignore the fact that while americans are going broke the u.s. must rebuild the afghan military and think for just a second what would happen if you sent a lot of weapons into a country in dire economic suffering i'm sure you've heard reports that say that afghan farmers could only make a living off of poppy crops because they just have no at the resort so if you throw a bunch of guns and ammo into the hands of people who have the career choices of poppies or starvation yeah that someone might be willing to sell some bullets to get by also we shouldn't forget that every government on earth has people in it
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working for their old self interests or others interests it is totally naive to think that every person involved in the process of transferring weapons will be loyal to the afghan government which seems to have been put in place by a certain hyper power who remain nameless in short if you find this story shocking then you really need to get off the couch and see how the world really works but tasha just my opinion.
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hello and welcome to worlds apart soldiers die while politicians we see all the florey savages. seems ever more timely today as the global politics seems to shift from one bloody crisis to the next is there a way to stop a while to discuss that i'm now joined by a former soldier and a former politician also served as israel's prime minister ehud barak mr barak thank you very much for being here now you've had a very long very fruitful career in these really government and during your early years politics was dominated by two main issues the israeli palestinian conflict and later on the iranian nuclear dossier but now it seems we are witnessing a proliferation of crisis in africa in the middle is now in europe what is behind this snowball effect what do you think is the main reason for this multiplication of problems. in the middle
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east is that it's a. hundred years ago following world war one every. disappearing. spring. three years into a muslim. with a lot of damage a lot of hope. but a lot of damage and i heard you say about a long term hold many times but i wonder where you derived that hold from because it seems that the region is really not really moving towards europe basically the people who stand up and explicitly vote ultimately even the most gyms has to take them into account in a more way absolute. in the previous generation so i think for us to lesson. number
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one is in the middle east. don't make. specie about the future. look at egypt for example mubarak i was very friendly with him for a generation he had half a million people internally. predicted couldn't believe how can we can i pick up on this point because i remember back in two thousand and eleven both you and prime minister netanyahu were very restrained in expressing their enthusiasm about the arab spring and you were of criticized for your reservations now when we look what happened in libya what is happening in syria what is happening in egypt do you think the reality here has actually turned out even more water some than some of your concerns the book message is very bid. to open.


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